Yoga Teacher Training

200 hours

In Spring 2020 we launched the Brahmrishi School of Yoga Teacher Training, a transformational journey within yourself, a process which translates yoga philosophy into your everyday life.

This course equips you with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding needed for embarking on or deepening your own Sadhana/yoga path and enables you to pass these on through your own yoga classes.


Course structure

This 200 hour yoga teacher training course is divided into a practical (yoga retreat) and a more theoretical part (online). Self-study and reflection is a key requirement and a necessary component that must be considered when embarking on this training

Following an online introduction to the history of yoga; yamas and niyamas, you will then be immersed into deep practical elements of Maha yoga according to the Brahmrishi lineage, which is at the core of this training in the form of an intensive yoga retreat in India.

Upon your return home, the theoretical and practical online training modules will increase your knowledge about yoga and its 8 limbs. They will enable you to deepen your own experience as well as apply and integrate the tools and knowledge into your own life.

A 6 month follow-up group session is scheduled after the retreat and completion of the course and you will have continuous support from the teachers as required.

Dates 2021 TBC

  • Please get in touch with us if you are interested in joining our Yoga Teacher Training in 2021

*Webinars will take place on a Sunday from 17:00 -19:00 CET/Paris time.


This programme will enable a transformational journey within yourself, a process which translates yoga philosophy into your everyday life. With the guidance of world class teachers: Swami Yogananda, Lucy Guest and Irene van der Post-Nutter, throughout this guided process you will:

  • Manifest this knowledge within yourself through these ancient practices, rather than merely your teachers imparting knowledge or information for you to take in

  • Experience and understand the fundamentals of yoga

  • Comprehend the key aspects of Maha yoga: the combination of Hatha yoga , Mantra yoga, Laya yoga & Raja yoga

  • Understand the 8 limbs of yoga and how to apply them to your life

  • Gain a better understanding about life and how to live peacefully in society

  • Get closer to your true self, understand what you want and clarify your life goals

  • Gain tools and skills that will help you improve your practice in the long term, as your classes are a reflection of your personal practice

  • Gain more peace of mind whilst developing self-trust and intuition

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Have a personalized yoga practice

  • Teach yoga to individuals and groups

  • Gain the skills and knowledge to teach yoga holistically, including asanas, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy

  • Understand and manage the connection between your daily life, your yoga practice and that of your students

  • Teach as an accredited Brahmrishi international yoga practitioner

Personal involvement and homework

In addition to attending the above-mentioned programme you are also asked to:

  • Attend weekly asana classes in your neighbourhood

  • Do your daily personal practice

  • Complete self-study assignments such as self-reflection and creating sequences for 5 yoga classes (included in the 200 hours)


The investment of this Yoga Teacher Training is €1485.

This includes:

  • 14 day intensive yoga & meditation retreat (excl. flight and travel insurance)

  • 10 x live webinars and coaching sessions (the live group sessions will be available for replay)

  • Training material, which you will physically receive at the retreat as well as additional resources that you will have access to online

  • World renowned teachers supporting you throughout your programme

  • Personalised feedback and support for self-study, self-reflection and assignments

  • Brahmrishi School of Yoga Certificate

  • 200 Brahmrishi yoga credits

  • Substantial contribution to the education of the Chandramauli children

Please do feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.