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Swami Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra 

When the student is ready, the teacher appears  ~ Buddha 

In 2002, Irene experienced a life changing, deep immersion in yogic experience staying at the ashram with Swami Yogananda and H Lucy Guest (Divya Prahba), both direct disciples of Swami Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra. 

Swami Yoganand is one of these rare yogis you can't describe or capture in words. His guidance, spiritual care and love are boundless and his answers always straight to the core, in all simplicity.  

Swami Yoganand Prajivak
Divya Prabha

Irene's 21-year old, Western-shaped mind, felt like these people and their teachings were from a different world. H Lucy Guest (Divya Prabha) took Irene under her wing  and bridged these 2 worlds. While Swami Yoganand guided and taught Irene the teachings of yoga, day by day, Divya Prahba was able to help her understand and integrate the teachings of this wonderful lineage, bit by bit, step by step.  

Our true nature, our soul, is divine. To discover and then reach a state of union with our true nature, is called YOGA. 

These 2 wonderful souls were such complimentary teachers with an incredible loving power to transform, that Irene wished others could benefit too. When the student is ready, the teacher appears, right? There are so many wonderful seekers looking for exactly this kind of thing, so with these retreats we provide an accessible platform for all of those seeking to benefit from them. 

Irene has been continuing her studies and practice whilst teaching  to wonderful students wherever she lived in the past years. How she wished these students could meet them, too. 

Boarding school children at Chandramauli

Divya Prahba completed her time in the ashram and went on to dedicate her life to serving others in the spirit of our lineage's motto: wisdom, love and service. Not only did she get herself several PhD's in Sanskrit (the ancient Indian language in which all the original scriptures  are written in), she also started a non-profit organization to help impoverished and underprivileged children in Varanasi, India: International Chandramauli Charitable Trust

She now was physically far away from Swami Yogananda and so busy with her charity work that there were seemingly no spontaneous ways to have them teach together. 

Until fate brought Divya Prahba and Irene together again in Northern India and they stayed at an old friend of Divya Prahba's: Anu. Under a starry night in her magical Indian forest, in the warmth of friendship, Divine Light Retreats was born.  Swamiji and Divya Prahba are once again teaching together, with Irene this time,  in Anu's paradise. 

Twice a year, in Spring and sometimes in Autumn too ( depending on demand),  Anu will open Aranyaka's doors to a group of maximum 18 students to experience the programme that's been developed to best serve our students on that inner journey. They'll gather tools, insights, knowledge and practice that will support them in years to come. 

If you feel like you'd want to join one of our retreats, please get in touch or register.

 We'd love to welcome you and share this journey with you. 


Divya Prahba & Irene