Divine Light Retreats

Welcome to Divine Light Retreats. 

Have you ever caught a glimpse of light within you or have you ever felt its sweet inner calling? 

Have you ever felt like you’ve pierced through the veil of your daily reality and met life exactly for what it was, a moment of perfect peace and time standing still? 

Perhaps yoga is new to you and you simply feel a longing. 

Maybe you’re already a long term yoga teacher and looking to deepen your already existing meditation practice? 

Or perhaps as a teacher that sense of completeness is just not quite there? 

Either way, if any of these apply, then Divine Light Retreats is for you...

Our true nature, our soul, is divine, the ancient rishis taught us. To reach a state of union with our true nature, is called YOGA. 

Fortunately, the path towards this state has also been described and has been taught for thousands of years. Our yoga and meditation retreats “a touch of the divine”, describes exactly our intention for you: to give you all the tools, teachings, coaching and facilities to help you on your way…

We offer an immersion in these ancient teachings, taught by those who live and breathe it. Under spiritual guidance of Swami Yogananda Parivrajak and Lucy Guest (Divya Prabha) who are direct disciples of Brahmrishi Visvatma Bawra. We provide an accessible platform to enable you to fully immerse yourself in the purest teachings of yoga. Please join us on the journey towards the divine light.  

"To be able to emerse in deep meditation has nothing to do with how many years of practice you’ve got; it's simply about finding the light switch within, which can happen in a blink of an eye." ~Lucy

We are now hosting multiple retreats annually! Check the "Upcoming Retreats" page for the dates and teachers.

The price for our retreats is €1,250 (excluding flights) and all profits go to the International Chandramauli Charitable trust.