"It’s a dive deep in the ocean of consciousness.
Going through the waves of the mind.
Facing the storms of emotions.
Amidst the powerful energy of the Himalayans’ forest.

Holding to our Mantra. With the precious help of Guruji, Lucy, Irène, Anu, the staff and the other participants; all beautiful souls to be encountered.
And finally, like the lotus blooming out of the mud. Facing the light like a sunflower.
Feeling peace from within.

Following the path of stable wisdom. With serenity and a true heart.

Ready to share this teaching, as a beautiful gift.
Because we all have a gem within us, ready to be polished and shine."

Charlotte Matos - Divine Light Retreat  2023

"Participating in Divine Light Retreat is like coming home, home to my Self. The spiritual surroundings in the Himalayas, being in the company of Guruji, Didi and Irene is life changing. The profound classes, lectures and satsangs help me to go inside, to go deeper inside. There are no limitations, except in my mind…

The retreat has once again had a profound effect on me. Being here for the second time in a row, it really helps me to deepen my practice. In a way, my life seems to be the same as before, but it has changed completely, because I have changed. Peace and trust have entered my heart and I realize: I am not the doer, but part and parcel of the Divine play. My gratitude to Guruji, Didi and Irene  is beyond words. Pranam!"

Renate Hemmer - Divine Light Retreat 2022 & 2023

"The Divine Light Retreat is one of the most beautiful experiences on my path. Awareness building towards peace, accompanied by the benevolence of our devatas.  The physical journey is also progressing, of course, with the asanas. Thank you to Irene, Didi and Guruji for their transmission. Thanks also to each of the participants, whose light has illuminated this Divine Light Retreat. It lives up to its name."

Natacha Mortreux - Divine Light Retreat 2023

"Thanks to Guruji, thanks to Lucy, thanks to Irène, thanks to the lovely group we were, thanks to Anu and her wonderful place for the retreat, thanks to the chef and the great meal, thanks to the kindness of all the peoples I met, thanks to Mother India🙏 Guruji said : love is all 🙏

That was given to me during this retreat to feel the essence of love, and deeper than I could imagine. I know I received a gift of God. Maybe I received an answer to my prayers

Maybe it's true that there was a "before" and that there is an "after". I can feel it. I know I have to continue on that way now. I feel blessed

Thank you🙏 Namaste  🙏"

From Julien Hentzy - Divine Light Retreat 2023

"How to describe Divine Light Retreats... ? It changed my life, there is clearly a before and an after. A real way to go deeper to the Divine, to get closer to inner calm.

I feel blessed having Brahmrishi School of Yoga in my life, to be guided by amazing teachers! Thanks to all of you. Pranam"

Maïlys Jaquenoud - Divine Light Retreat 2022

"Very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience Divine Light Retreat. A beautiful and peaceful place to practice yoga and go deeply through yourself. These two weeks were for me an important step in my path thanks to precious knowledge teached by amazing teachers."

Juliette Neau - Divine Light Retreat 2022

"Divine Light Retreat, the May 2022 edition, was for me a real immersion, to meet a thousands-year-old tradition, that of an authentic yoga embodied by Guruji and his divine aura that envelops you. That of a way of life turned towards devotion, experienced in our daily life while benefiting from a high quality transmission assured by Guruji, Lucy and Irene.
All this in an exceptional setting, a cocoon of forest at the foot of the sacred Himalayas.
Irene's guidance and care of the group allows you to let yourself be carried away by the experience in complete safety, an invaluable comfort!
Finally, sharing this journey with the richness of the group was a source of profound and great joy and depth.
A unique experience to be discovered in order to better (re)discover ourselves.

Sandrine Canestrier - Divine Light Retreat 2022

"This retreat in India was an incredible experience for me and my daughter. We were able to share profound moments, deep meditations and also laugh and joy all around this sacred place. We met Guruji and that was the experience of a lifetime… We are grateful …

Léa DesFosses - Divine Light Retreat 2022

"The experience that you live in this heavenly place is incredible. Discover yourself, empty your mind, be more confident; this is the place where you should spend time. The people who take care of you during this retreat are fantastic. The landscape is extraordinarily beautiful. Your life will change after this experience. Go, live, relax, experience and feel the new person that you will be."

Elodie Carroy - Divine Light Retreat 2022

"Going on a yoga retreat in India with Divine Light Retreats is a journey towards oneself!

I participated in two retreats, one in 2019 and one in 2022. Although they were very different in terms of my personal experience, they were both very rich: the hours of asanas, the long sessions of pranayamas and meditation guided by Irene's gentle care. 

But also the teachings of the yoga philosophy transmitted by Guruji and Didi, accurately translated when necessary into accessible language by Irène.

Anu's welcome and her delicious yogic cuisine are much appreciated! The setting is totally exotic, rejuvenating, in the middle of green nature, and a rare environment in India.

The few visits to the cultural sites are a plus which transported us to another reality.

Obviously, I recommend this retreat guided by Guruji, Didi, Irene and your own heart, towards Yourself!"

Caroline Martin - Divine Light Retreat 2019 &  2022