Nestled in a fifty-acre forest filled with fragrant cedar-pines and himalayan rhododendron trees, our retreat center Aranyaka Upanishad provides a sacred space to practice meditation and yoga and experience the joy that lies within.

 The deep quiet and relaxation really aids self-discovery, reflection, and rejuvenation. 

The retreat-center grounds contain gardens, streams, woods, walking paths and wildlife. 

We are so grateful to be welcomed by our wonderful host and dear friend Anu in this great setting to disconnect from the outer world, reconnect within your self and learn how to live on re-treat no matter where you are. 

Have a look at Aranyaka upanishad here

Location - where is it?

On the Saturday morning, at 9AM, we will depart from the selected hotel near Delhi airport.

Our private vehicle(s) take us to our retreat center called Aranyaka Upanishad in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. It’s around 7 hours driving. You can rest your eyes or see the mountains of the lower Himalayas arise in front of you as we get closer to Aranyaka Upanishad. 

The retreat is really close to the famous American Woodstock school, which explains why the facilities in Mussoorie are of such high standards. You can't see the road leading to Aranyaka Upanishad on google maps, but you can click on the link on the right here, to get an idea where we are.